Worldwide Freight

Global projects need global logistics - wherever your business goes, we're there for you.

A refinery in the United Arab Emirates, a power plant in India, a dam in China and oil-field supply bases in Mauritania and Indonesia all have one thing in common: SCL Global Projects.

Whether it is a question of just-in-time deliveries or complex project movements to be scheduled and monitored precisely, or whether all the components for a major construction site on another continent are to be procured, transported, and - when necessary - put onto foundations: SCL coordinates quantities and dates for both collection and delivery, ensuring that the right goods reach their consignee at the right time.

SCL Global Projects cover the full range of project freight management and transportation of equipment and materials from the suppliers’ point of delivery to receipt at jobsite, warehouse, or any other delivery/receiving location, as required by client.

We organize the transport from where client takes title of the goods for transport purposes, until arrival of the materials at their applicable destinations. These services cover a wide spectrum of international industry with specialization in oil, gas, petrochemical, energy and associated industries. Click here to contact us about our shipping solutions.

"Best route - best way"

Detailed project planning: The bigger the size of the project, the more important the need for planning, reliability, and effective steering of the material flow.

In parallel to the construction, need dates and project planning of the materials and equipment to be dispatched we also undertake logistical surveys and investigate possible routes and all methods of shipment.

During the planning stage every detail will be taken into consideration and discussed with the client in order to integrate fully with the client's project logistics requirement. At an early project planning stage we can calculate the projected costs for your logistics budget planning. We produce tailor-made and individual project cargo concepts in respect of heavy and oversized equipment and total project cargo.

We investigate the transport routes with respect to potential hindrances en-route well in advance of dispatch. SCL provides studies and analyses for the selection of transportation, with consideration given to

  • Infrastructure
  • Time factors
  • Geographical and climatic conditions
  • Transport cost budgets

Specialists in the SCL Global Projects group are also able to investigate and make recommendations to the client in regard to “best route - best way” methods of transportation:

  • Route studies and surveys
  • Heavy lift studies
  • Specialized packing
  • Offshore support services
  • Special air charters

Due to its size and wide spread of international operations SCL is fortunate to have in its employ a high level team of specialists experienced in all aspects of project logistics.

These skills and long term experience, together with an understanding and appreciation of geographical complexities, provide our clients with the very best advice and service when specialized route planning surveys and studies are required.

Project Freight Management Services

Our project services include:

Transport analyses

  • Best routes to the plant or job site
  • Types and means of transport
  • Information on laws and regulations in respect of transport in individual countries
  • Climatic and geographical conditions

Planning and consultation

  • Develop the concept in liaison and consultation with the client
  • Produce scope of work and detailed description of services
  • Discuss time frame and build into concepts plan
  • Produce cost calculations
  • Produce technical studies, method statements

Order processing

  • Verify purchase order dates, booking of cargo and site need dates
  • Keep in close contact with client expeditors and suppliers of equipment
  • Closely monitor supplier progress and ex-works delivery dates
  • Book cargo firm in co-ordination with material release dates
  • Organize and/or provide technical consultation or special attendance when requested
  • Make transport arrangements for all means of transport, including full and part charter by sea and air
  • Supervise loading and unloading of equipment up to placing onto foundations, if required
  • Tracking and monitoring of transit items
  • Provide full documentation and distribute accordingly
  • Manage the entire movement of material from ex-works to delivery at the job site

Documentation and information flow

Issue of:

  • commercial invoices
  • packing lists
  • certificates of origin
  • transport documentation as required

Issue itemized status reports and information, based on P.O.'s or units

  • planning information
  • pre-advises
  • certificates of origin
  • delivery confimation

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