Inventory Management Services

Overseas order-specific delivery of assembly parts

The Assembly Parts Consolidation Center (AP-CC) handles the consolidation and order-specific delivery of assembly parts.

The AP-CC performs materials requirements planning on the basis of order intakes and continuously monitors the availability of required materials. When bottlenecks arise, agreements are automatically struck with the supplier in order to ensure that the delivery remains on schedule. The AP-CC performs value-added services such as product resorting, repackaging or complete packaging and labeling, upon the customer's request. On the basis of the actual orders on hand, the commissioning is triggered and loading units are built. Subsequent shipment building takes customer-specified optimization criteria into account such as unit-load sequencing or volume and weight optimization. Click here to contact us about our order-specific delivery services.

Mature warehousing solutions

The General Warehouse Center (GW) offers the possibility of managing the goods of several customers in a single warehouse.

This can occur in the form of a supplier warehouse (several depositors) or a distribution warehouse (several recipients), or a combination of both. The supporting warehouse management system is capable of providing detailed product master data, e.g. batch information and minimum and protective inventories as well as comprehensive material flow parameters such as container slot information, storage and picking strategies and interfaces to transportation technology. Paperless processing of material flows within the warehouse guarantees slot allocation and visualizes slot distribution for parcel scanning, on-site label printing, optimizing forklift transportation and status and volume changes of the items to be picked or processed via scanning. Besides pure warehouse services, the GW offers a lot of value-added services such as set building, repackaging and labeling as well as administrative tasks, e.g. customs clearance, stocktaking, claims handling and invoicing. Click here to contact us about our warehousing solutions.

Fast and reliable spare parts supply chains

The Spare Parts Distribution Center (SDIC) handles the storage, commissioning and shipping of spare parts. The service caters to the spare-parts transaction's specific requirements.

When an order is created, the availability of the entire customer's inventories - even if they are geographically separated - is assessed (virtual warehouse). Subsequent processing, e.g. routing, is managed in accordance with the urgency of the order. This secures an optimal balance between rapid parts supply and low transport costs. When parts are unavailable but urgently required, a high-priority supply requirement is generated at the supplier's end.

When the corresponding delivery is received, it is simply fed through the "outgoing goods" as a cross-docking transaction. Alternatively, direct deliveries are also possible. Shipments and distribution can generally occur by land, air or sea. Furthermore, the SDIC offers services such as neutralizing incoming spare parts, consolidating them in sales packages or sets and kits, or packaging and labeling them according to shipment requirements. A substantial volume of transactions is accounted for by return shipments processing including spare parts, guarantee and complaints processing. For more information about our spare parts services, click here .

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